March 4, 2021
Healthy Living for Beginners in Long Beach CA

Healthy Living for Beginners in Long Beach CA

Get healthy and enjoy the amazing views and weather offered in the Long Beach, CA area.  Live a full life in the surf and the sun.

The New Healthy City

California is known for Los Angeles, the city of angels. It’s a healthy city with yoga studios on every block and a pressed juice in each citizen’s hand. Drive 30 minutes south of Los Angeles and you’ll find yourself in the beach town of Long Beach. This beach town is thriving with health-conscious citizens and will make the perfect home for those wanting to improve their lifestyles and make healthier choices.

Beach Benefits

The beach, the marinas, the sand, and the sun all bring benefits that will improve your health. You can wake up early and head down for a walk or jog on the beach. Soak up the sun while you get your workout done or bring a towel and do your daily meditation.

The beach is relaxing, calming, and serene. It’s the perfect place to set your intentions for the day and fuel your soul with happiness. Sea salt also has benefits to your skin and hair. You can ditch your sea salt hair products and go au naturale with the wind and waves flowing through your hair. Salt and sand are naturals exfoliates and the combination of sea salt and sun is good for giving your body a healthy glow. Just don’t forget your SPF.


Long Beach is more laid-back and bike-friendly compared to its neighbor, Los Angeles. Leave your car parked or even ditch your car if you don’t need one, and invest in a quality bike. The town is bike-friendly and since the feel of the town is more relaxed and peaceful, the drivers in Long Beach are more courteous to bikers and are more likely to share the road without fuss.

Health Conscious City

Long Beach is very much California living from its relaxing atmosphere to its focus on health. You can expect shops to ditch plastic bags and have a much greener mindset than other large cities. If you’re looking to change up your diet and include more fresh foods, this town is a great place to make that lifestyle change.

From fresh foods, especially seafood, to produce you’ll find healthier options at local restaurants around the city. As you make friends with locals, you’ll pick up some of their healthy habits and incorporate them into your own life. Sign up for a barre or yoga class, and really take this new chance to explore.

One Change at a Time

Making healthy living choices isn’t as hard as it seems, especially when you live in a beach, health-conscious city like Long Beach, California. Let the beach welcome you and embrace the ways you can fuel your body with healthy choices like choosing fresh food and opting to walk or bike versus drive everywhere. Fall in love with healthy living and let yourself find your healthy bliss.